Murder in a Wheel (short MiaW) is a retro-adventure emulating the style of old LucasArts titles. Those familiar with games like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island will immedately recognize the interface. As the name already suggests, the game is a murder mystery and, more specifically, a locked room mystery.

MiaW was created with AGS (Adventure Game Studio) and currently runs on Windows only. There are ports of AGS for Linux and Mac (beta), but I was unable to test them.

MiaW was a semester work (Game Design, Interactive Storytelling) at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), and it won the Best Short Game AGS Award in 2007.

A review of the game can be found here:
Abandonia Reloaded

Screenshots from Murder in a Wheel


Roderick, Lady Blackwin's beloved pet hamster, was cruelly murdered. Her husband Lord Blackwin asks the amateur detective/pizza delivery guy Lionel Ulmer to solve the case and find the murderer. Curiously, Roderick was killed in a room that had been locked the entire evening.


Story, graphics & scripting by Renzo "Eshaktaar" Thönen
Adventure Game Studio created by Chris Jones
SCUMM-Interface adaption by LucasFan (Maniac Mansion Mania)
Textures for wallpapers and floors by Lemog


Murder in a Wheel can be downloaded here:

Murder in a Wheel
Murder in a Wheel (Softpedia)


Here's a larger version of the title screen as a 1024x768 desktop wallpaper:

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